Lacroz Creations started from a lifelong love of creating handmade items rich in colour for friends and family.

My aim is to create individually unique and beautifully designed statement earrings.  Located in Melbourne, Australia - each piece is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted by me, merging my love of fluid art and handmade jewellery. 
Work in progress - earring shapes getting cut out from fluid art paint skins  I begin with acrylic paint pouring to create individual pieces of fluid art. The transformation to statement jewellery then begins by hand cutting these pieces.
Resin is then hand poured to bring the colours and shimmer in the paints to life.  With attention to detail paid at every step, the result is wearable art that is vibrant, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.  Mix of earring shapes, waiting to get drilled and assembled
Big blue statement stud dangle earrings, created from fluid art

 I hope you enjoy browsing the collection of handcrafted statement pieces here, and discover a unique style to suit you,